Andrew Sisk, Treelines

Andrew Sisk’s solo debut is a home-crafted gem that is instantly engrossing with layers of deft melodic instrumentation over soft acoustic plucks. Even after weeks of listening to Treelines, I never grew tired of Sisk’s thoughtful poetry and regardless of my environment – whether driving, walking around town or just hanging out on the porch – his songs take centre stage.

Right from the opening title track there is a sense of loneliness and detachment from the urban landscape and follow-up track “Full Time” reinforces that feeling with a relatable tale of two lovers passing between work shifts. The poppy beat of “Bridges Burn” changes things up a bit, but underneath Sisk sings about leaving your past and to “live for the living”.

Personal favourites include: “I Whispered It” – a down-tempo, reverberated track that really showcases Sisk’s comforting tone along with the killer line “I tried to have secrets, they always end up as songs, I try to rewrite them”. “Paused” is another favorite with the whole “whoooo whoo whooo” sing-along reminding me of Hayden at his best.

Overall, I really enjoyed this album – the songs are pretty short but they still pack a lot of punch and I love how every track creates a certain mood – both musically and lyrically. Check out his amazing performance of “Full Time” and “Treeline” on Southern Soul. (Independent) ~ 4 Stars

Andrew Sisk – Bandcamp Site


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