Long Distance Runners, Tracks

The Long Distance Runners have been building a reputation as being one of Newfoundland’s hardest working up-in-coming bands; for the past two years the band has toured extensively, developing their sound on the road and their 2010 self-titled EP garnered some ECMA/Music NL award nominations. Tracks is an easy-to-love collection of catchy songs that will have you playing “guess the influence” – these songs are so good because they will remind you of other bands, well at first anyway.

Opening track “Election Day” and “Knuckles” sound pulled right off of Eels’ Daisies of the Galaxy. “Sally Ann”, “If I Forget To Say I Love You” and “Credits Roll” clearly have a Wilco slant that would not of sounded out-of-place on Being There. I’m not saying these songs are bad in any way – they are particularly fun and have some really loose arrangements that are always on point.

Now, to the part I love the most; after “Credits Roll” the band, to me, sounds different. “You Don’t Answer Anymore” sounds uniquely Long Distance Runners. “Answer Anymore” blends perfectly into album highlight “The Island” where the originality continues with its time signature twists that keep you guessing. Instrumental track, “Up The River” puts you into that auditory environment and is another nice transition into “He Doesn’t Stare into The Sun No More” a country-soul-pop number that is pure ear-candy. “A Short History of America” ends the record with a slowly building rock groove built on layers of organ and piano parts as the whole band comes together with soaring harmonies that drives the whole vibe of the record home. (Independent) ~ 3.5 Stars


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