Meanwood, Trials

Wow….Meanwood kills. The band’s description of being a mixture of “Country, soul and rock ‘n’ roll” is spot on and if this is a trial run, I can’t wait for the full length. Opener “Sister Sin” is a definite highlight featuring a killer guitar duel, while the bands gypsy flavoured rhythms will have you doing the cha-cha. Viktoria Belle’s otherworldly voice cuts through the mayhem only adding to the mystery. Follow-up track “Sing To Me” again features some beautiful vocal work, but the dreamy lullaby goes trippy by end, making for one helluva ride. “All The Others” makes me feel all nostalgic – reminding me of when I first heard Dolly Parton – the cheeky lyrics and that 70’s country vibe is pure gold. “Mercy” is a battle between lovers that will remind listeners of Twilight Hotel and album closer “Fisher” is the perfect closing song – a sad guitar ballad that numbs the pain of neglected love. (Independent) ~ 4 Stars


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