Apollo Ghosts, Landmark

Vancouver’s much hyped, garage-punk band Apollo Ghosts has released a slew of material over the past three years; two LPs, three EPs and a 7”. With every release the band garnered more critical acclaim and their anticipated third release, Landmark, won’t let you down. Reverting back to their DIY beginnings the album was recorded by the band in its practice space and features 15-tracks clocking in at only 34 minutes.

There is no easy way to describe Apollo Ghosts’ sound as the band tackles garage rock through various styles. To tell you the truth, the opening five tracks almost had me dismissing the band’s reputation; the turn around for me was “So Much Better When You’re Gone” – a song that perfectly captures a break-up from both partner’s viewpoints. It is a quiet moment that refocuses the album before turning up the heat on the title-track.

Other highlights include “Day Of Glory” a roll-licking groove that drummer Amanda Panda total makes her own, “I Followed The Rule And I Got Everything” disintegrates into a tribal jazz freak out and album closer “Will You Forget Me?” is a two-parter sounding spliced from two sessions – the beginning sounds recorded in a kitchen after a long night recording session and the second part sounds like a refreshing start to a new day.

Landmark is chockfull of infectious toe-tapping hooks and the band experiments beautifully making for one classic indie-rock record. (You’ve Changed Records) ~ 4 Stars

Apollo Ghosts – Bandcamp Page


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