Screen Door Porch, The Fate and The Fruit

Comprised of duo Seadar Rose & Aaron Davis, Screen Door Porch are an exciting Americana band hailing from Jackson, Wyoming. Taking influences from all corners of the country-rock spectrum, The Fate and The Fruit has something for everyone to love.

Dark and hushed opener “Devil’s Honey” is the black sheep of the album sounding like it could have come off Norah Jones’ third release, Not Too Late, the song stalks the listener with a creepy organ line and percussive hits on the guitar while an omniscient banjo lingers in the background. Follow-up track, “Needle and a Record” is heartland rock built on a haunting acoustic pluck – again the boy/girl vocals pack a real punch here and continue to do so throughout the album. “Burnin’ At Both Ends” and “Shift Work” turn Screen Door Porch into an early 90’s adult alternative band; bringing out the band’s live sound.

By mid-album, I expected the band to settle their sound, but they continue to push boundaries as the Soul packed “Lovin’ Strange”, and the Jam-band groove “Right Down To It” both prove. “Wrinkled Neck Mule” is another odd-ball sounding like The B-52’s crashed the studio but somehow it all works. (Independent) ~ 3.5 Stars


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