Wind Up Radio Sessions, Bird Eyes

Wind Up Radio Sessions’ debut full-length, Bird Eyes, is a worthwhile (and enjoyable) listen; combining folk-rock, country and retro electronics while maintaining an intimate charm with down-to-earth, heartfelt lyrics.

Opener “Little Bird” reminded me of the magic Neil Young captured on Silver & Gold, while “Backporch” blends new-wave keys with gorgeous textures and catchy hooks. “Family Bonds” is another tender, acoustic moment that gets just a little dance-y hitting one of my favourite lines, “Daddy wants to dance/but Daddy he don’t know how to dance/now does he?/But you’ve got to try/to move your big white body”.

The band hit their stride on alt-country jam “Chesterfields” carrying through to the moody vibes of “Caroline’s Dress” and “Legally Dead”; both containing some mesmerizing guitar work and layers of sound. “Blades Of Grass” drives home the album’s theme – the  essence of life is experiencing the little things. From the back porch, to family bonds, chesterfields and Caroline’s dress – we all end up as blades of grass. (Independent) ~ 5 Stars

Wind Up Radio Sessions – Official Website


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