North Lakes, Grand Prix

North Lakes are a fierce five-piece from Prince Edward Island and their 2011 debut album, Cobra, snagged them a Music PEI Award for Best Alternative Album. Well, get those “thank you” speeches drafted cause Grand Prix will surely snag another award in 2012. With only eight songs, I could easily jabber on about every song; overall the band infuses their love of 60’s Garage-pop with copious amounts of distortion and off the cuff badness.

Opener “Crumbling Dice” leads the charge with a heavenly organ line as waves of distorted guitars and trashy drums stumble over the lead vocalists nonchalant delivery – making way for one of the many great one liners – “I don’t need no fucks, telling me how to listen to a record”. Fair enough boys – play on! “Grab Me By The Lapels” keeps the record rockin’ and reminded me of Frank Black and The Catholics work from 2002’s Show Me Your Tears. “The Holy Water” is another highlight that stomps and rages, giving The Hives a run for their money.

Overall, Grand Prix is so much fun and you really get into the album quickly – my bet is that The North Lakes won’t be touring just the Maritimes for very much longer – not that they care either way. (Independent) ~ 4 Stars

North Lakes – Official Site


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