Elk, Daydreams

“Come on and get lost with me” was the only line I could catch from Elk’s opening track “Before The Sun” but it pretty much encapsulates the experience of the bands third album, Daydreams. Elk are engrossed with 60’s garage-pop capturing sounds reminiscent of The Byrds and The Kinks; sounds that are instantly recognizable even if you don’t know the history behind the music.

For example, “Come Home” (one of the albums highlights) is a sweet pop-soul number that I have been playing on repeat. After days of this, my wife proclaimed that she “likes it when Pearl Jam plays those type of songs – like Last Kiss”. Well, you have to excuse her, none of the Elk boys sound like Eddie Vedder and “Home” is sonically much more gratifying then “Last Kiss” – but the vibe is just as moody and playful.

Another plus to the band is how they rotate singers throughout the album matching the tone of the songs with the right voice – rockers “Helpless” and “Nowhere” get the snarl treatment while “Memories” and “Something To Me” get a hazy mumble (Sorry, for not knowing the band members names but I haven’t seen them live yet!)

I did find that the album was very hard to get into – after the initial three songs it sounds like Elk covers similar territory over and over again. But, after a hard days work and taking in a hot and humid summer night with the headphones on, Daydreams won me over. (Indoor Shoes) ~ 3 Stars

Elk – Official Site


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