Milks & Rectangles, (self-titled)

Prince Edward Island’s Milks & Rectangles have released three EPs since coming together in 2006 which is a lot considering that various members have joined the coast guard, veterinary school and other East Coast bands like Boxer the Horse and North Lakes.

Milks & Rectangles vibe is taking nonchalance seriously, giving them that live off-the-floor sound. Opening tracks, “Hospital Patience” and “Animal Lover” have infectious hooks that will get fans out on the dance floor. “Don’t Fall Into The Wrong Hands” is a huge stadium rocker with some killer lines (“Let my epitaph be a dirty joke, in the mother tongue that your father spoke”). “Heart’s The Target’s” drums are off-the-hook as the song amalgamates with a string arrangement that you don’t see coming while “Bad Czech” brings in an acid jazz horn section with some old school mixing freak-outs.

Milks & Rectangles self-titled debut is an ambitious venture bringing in experiences from all their eclectic vocations; There is a cultivated madness here, as if M&R are on the outskirts beckoning to hipsters to come out of the smoke-filled clubs to rock amongst the stars. ~ 5 Stars (Independent)

Milk & Rectangles – Bandcamp Page


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