The Jimmy Zee Band, Ride

Jimmy Zee added the tag “Band” to his third album, and rightfully so, this is by far his most collaborative and live sounding album to date. For the uninitiated, Jimmy Zee is at heart a modern blues-man; his gravel-throated voice is soulful and will make you smile, and his contemporary blues style is well-produced and crafted with radio in mind.

The strutting title track opens the album effectively, as a slide guitar is used to build tension before rolling into the Delta Blues on “Devil Woman” followed up quickly by the funky “Feels Alright To Me” complete with brass shots and sassy back round singers. This man knows how to make an entrance.

The Zee Band throws a curveball next covering Rush’s “Working Man” – the 7:12 minute prog-rock masterpiece is cut-down to 3:36 and stripped down to it’s bare bones focusing in on the middle-class sentiment, a growling guitar solo and some off beat piano plucks. This is something that Jack White would do – and Jimmy Zee pulls it off with finesse.

From here on in, you get more of the same of the first three tracks; doses of rock, blues and funk always done really well but never completely blowing you away. Zee ends on a high note though – “Hearts” is a beautiful country roots song where the band really shines. (Independent) ~ 3 Stars

The Jimmy Zee Band – Official Site


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