Christina Martin, Sleeping With A Stranger

Halifax’s Christina Martin is already on her fifth album, but don’t feel too bad if you’ve missed out, because Sleeping With A Stranger is some of her finest work. Listeners will immediately be enamored with Martin’s beautiful voice; she has a slight treble that is reminiscent of Sarah Slean making for quite an emotional impact.

The album opens with “Water It” an analogy of keeping a relationship alive but it also showcases her craftsmanship as a pop musician and not just a singer-songwriter.

The title track follows up with a darker tone; a steady guitar chug with acoustic plucks dancing around the heartbreaking line, “I’ve been sleeping with a stranger to pass the time”. This piece also includes a string build-up that is a nice surprise.

“Marina” is one of two character pieces that looks at women saving their hearts from love;  The song features some wonderful slide guitar work (Courtesy of producer/husband Dale Murray). The epilogue to “Marina” entitled “Away From Me” is a soft piano piece engulfed in harmonies from the viewpoint of the lover that she has just left behind.

Two other highlights feature the duo of Martin and Murray; the country-jangle of “What I Always Knew” and “Secret Song” (penned by Andrew Sisk) could have come right off Murray’s solo disc.

Sleeping With A Stranger has enough surprises for the most avid alt-country fans to enjoy and you can’t help but fall for her genuine stories and passionate delivery. (Come Undone Records) ~ 4 Stars

Christina Martin – Official Site


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