Gregory Generet, (Re) Generet-tion

Released back in 2008, Gregory Generet is still pushing his debut album four years later; it’s quite all right though, because (Re) Generet-tion is an easy-to-love collection of classic jazz songs that will never grow out of style.

The heart and soul of the group is based on the trio – Onaje Allan Gumbs (Pianist), Marcus McLaurine (Bass) and Payton Crossley (Drums) but when you throw in Roger Byam (Tenor), Marc Cross (Soprano) and Eddie Allen (Trumpet) throughout the mix, well, these guys can take on any style of jazz and make it sound fresh.

For example, Van Morrison’s much-covered “Moon Dance” is slowed down quite a bit courtesy of Generet’s vocal delivery as the group tastefully rolls out some sweet solos. Another highlight is the groups take of the My Fair Lady classic “I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face” where Generet keeps in mind the melody, but, still brings in his own soulful flair, somehow making the song seem even sadder.  Even with these powerful renditions, my favourites showcase how versatile the band is. “Stolen Moments” has the group keeping solos short and sweet while maintaining Generet’s smooth vibe while final track “Caravan” is a wild mix of world-beat and contemporary vocal jazz.

Overall, (Re) Generet-tion is a fabulous debut for Gregory Generet with tons of soul, groove, romance and the occasional surprise. But, it’s time for some new material! (Monsieur Music Records) ~ 3.5 Stars


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