Klarka Weinwurm, Continental Drag

I have been spinning Klarka Weinwurm’s first full-length steady for two weeks and it really escapes an easy description. Well…let’s give it a shot.

Essentially, the album is full of down-tempo, indie grunge songs that are stripped to chugging guitar parts with simple and solid rhythm arrangements topped off with Weinwurm’s nonchalant vocal delivery. Sure, that would describe opening track “Pictures”, “Tell Me Something Brave” and “Caroline” but Weinwurm throws in a few surprises.

“Coyotes In The Commons” starts off with an easy one-two drum beat but blooms with an intense string vibrato that will remind listeners of Arcade Fire’s early work. “Tractor And Crane” utilizes Weinwurm’s weapon of choice – the baritone ukulele to great effect coming off like a modern-day gospel plow. “If you will kill me, I will haunt you very long” is the opening line to “House Shake” – a track that contains some creepy backing vocals and layers of off-tune strings and held Rhode notes.

Overall, Continental Drag has some great moments and the songs are pretty solid, but be warned it takes more than a few listens to truly enjoy. (Saved By Vinyl) ~ 3 Stars

Klarka Weinwurm – Pigeon Row


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