Dance Movie, Interlopers

Dance Movie is singer-songwriter Tara Thorne and on her first full-length she is backed by Rebecca Zolkower (Strings/Glock) and Craig Jennex (Drums) along with an entourage of talented Nova Scotian musicians.

Taking influence from Regina Spektor’s four-producer approach (2009’s Far), the fittingly titled Interlopers, is helmed by Matt Charlton, Amelia Curran and Jenn Grant; all of whom take Dance Movie into very different styles of indie-pop music. Some listeners may find this ruins the flow of the album – and I would agree – but others will enjoy this gauntlet of experimentation. Some highlights include, the lulling opener “A Quick Drink and a Slow Dance”, the Karen O inspired “Yeah You Are” and the sweet folk homage “Snow Heart”.

Even with these great moments I still found Interlopers to be a difficult listen as a collection of songs. There are just too many that lack energy and get boring really quick (“Big Talker”, “Blood Ablaze” & A Million More Dollars”).  With that said, there is still more to love here then to hate – so give it a listen and find what wets your indie-pop appetite. (Independent) ~ 3/5 Stars

Dance Movie – Official Site


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