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Roveena, Perfect World

RoveenaRoveena first grabbed attention with her cover of Etta James classic “At Last” which made her a YouTube star. The right people took notice and since then her career took off to new heights and if this 5-song EP is any indication, Roveena is set for greater things. Perfect World succeeds in showcasing her voice and these soaring adult contemporary ballads suit her best.

Saying that, there really isn’t anything here you haven’t heard before, even the world music (sitar & tabla) are used in a subtle way, so they don’t really add anything new – but it is still very cool to hear in the mix.

Also, it can’t be a coincidence that the best song is the title track, co-written by Roveena. As she states in her press bio the song deals with, “body image when you’re younger” and that the “song is a window to my soul”.  She carries these emotions into three other songs, “Love Will Light The Way”, “I Lied” & “Alone Another Night” all are produced to a sheen and she manages to make these songs her own.

There is an ill-advised cover of Mr.Mister’s hit “Broken Wing”, which seems awfully forced and I still hate the song, it makes me wonder why she didn’t cover Etta James. Sure, it is something she has already done, but it would haven be great to include on her debut.

Overall, this is a great introduction to an amazing new voice and with comparisons being drawn to other famous divas (Celine Dion & Whitney Houston) we’ll see what she brings to the table in years to come. (Vintage Green Records) ~ 3/5 Stars

Roveena – Official Site

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