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Donna Greenberg, Song In The Wind

Donna-song_in_the_wind-homeOn the follow-up to her eclectic debut, Mav’rik, Greenberg and producer Jordan Klapman roar back with a another daring set of original jazz songs.

Opening with the romantic title track, Greenberg is accompanied by vocalist Marcelo Neves, both lulling the listener into a slow dance groove, setting the passionate tone for the album.

Now, If you didn’t know Greenberg and her bag of tricks, you’d think this was her shtick – slow dance grooves on repeat. Instead the album flows right into the big band sounds of “Spring Must Be Coming” and then into the smoky blues tango “Ce Stato un Tempo (There Was A Time)”. Other highlights include, “Vouloir Quitter Son Ile (Living On The Outside)” and “Solitudes” – both reminded me of Tom Waits’ 2002 playhouse romp Alice.

Song In The Wind, is inspired by its namesake throwing caution to the wind and taking the listener on a wild and fun ride; intermingling tango, salsa, and jazz ballads into a spirited blend of show tunes. (Independent)

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Donna Greenberg – Official Site

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