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Keurig 2.0: The Better Brewing System

100_1576By: Nazra Gladu

My friends and family are big on tea and coffee beverages – whether they be hot or cold, light, dark or very old. Just recently, my husband and I were blessed with a new addition to our family, and ever since, have had a slew of visitors rotate through our home. It’s fair to say that most of our time is spent entertaining and enjoying our loved ones. The coffee pot and tea kettle are on permanent use. So when our family was given the opportunity to try the new Keurig 2.0 brewing system for free from Influenster, we jumped at the chance to do so. It’s true, our current coffee maker has seen better days, and I cringe just thinking about what the permanent discoloration at the bottom of the coffee pot could be. Our kettle isn’t much better, it’s lost the ability to open up fully and we are forced to pour hot water through the tiny opening at the top of it. When the Keurig 2.0 arrived, we plugged it in right away. Its extraordinary light weight was surprising for such a high end looking device and unlike previous versions, this new model was able to brew both a single cup and multiple cups of hot beverage at one time, was much faster, and could also be used for brewing water – eliminating my families need for separate appliances. Plus what was really impressive was its ease of set-up, operation and cleaning which took only minutes. Also, if you’re picky about style, the Keurig offers multiple color changing options for the display and water reservoir to match your kitchen décor. With the options of green, red, blue and white available to choose from, our family chose the blue to match our kitchen back splash, but plan on changing to red for our Christmas celebration. We could not be happier with the product and are continuously surprised by the vast selection of beverages available for brew such as French vanilla, dark roasts, English breakfast, hot chocolate, only to name a few and have finally discarded our families prized coffee maker and tea kettle.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. #Keurig2point0


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